Advantages of LSAW Steel Pipe

  1.  The base material of LSAW is a single controlled-rolled steel sheet isotropic, which can be 100% non-destructive testing.

  2. The stress state of LSAW is good after forming. Due to the mechanical expansion, the internal stress can be eliminated and the geometric accuracy of the steel pipe can be improved.

  3. The internal quality of LSAW is good. Because welding is performed on a flat surface, welding conditions, automatic tracking, and non-destructive testing are easy to carry out, which results in low weld height and high accuracy of internal and external welds.

  4.  LSAW has a wide range of wall thickness, generally 6-25 mm, and the thickness can reach 45 mm.

  5.  LSAW has good bending and flattening resistance.

  6. LSAW welds are 60% shorter than spiral welded pipes, and the probability of weld defects is low.

  7.   Longitudinal seam welded pipe (LSAW) has high reliability.


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