The Protective Packaging and Protective Layer of Seamless Steel Pipe

The preservatives or plating and packaging applied by the steel mills before delivery are important measures to avoid seamless steel pipe corrosion. Pay attention to maintenance during transportation and handling, and do not damage them.

(1) Before the seamless pipes are put into storage, they should be careful to avoid rain or mixed with impurities. The pipes that have been exposed to rain or contaminated should be cleaned by different methods according to their properties. For example, a wire brush with high hardness can be used and low hardness products should use cloth or cotton etc.;

(2) The seamless pipe should be checked frequently after entering the warehouse. If there is rust, the rust layer should be remove in time;

(3) After clean the pipe surface, there is no need to apply oil, but for high-quality steel, alloy thin steel plates, thin-walled pipes, alloy steel pipes, etc., the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe must be coated with anti-rust oil  after rust removal before storage;

(4) For steel pipes with severe corrosion, they should not be stored for a long time after derusting, and should be put in usage as soon as possible.

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