What are the Forming Processes of JCOE Straight Seam Steel Pipe?

The JCOE straight seam steel pipe manufacturing process is a new type of welded steel pipe forming technology that emerged in the 1990s. The forming process of this technology is to first mill (or plan) the opposite part of the steel plate and then pass it in the width direction of the steel plate. Pre-bending, and then gradually forming in the order of J letter type → C letter type → O letter type. During the forming process, the basic principle is three-point bending mold forming after multiple pressure stamping.

Since the raw material of the straight seam steel pipe is formed by multiple progressive molds, the following basic problems must be solved:

1. How to determine the shape of the mold, the stroke of the upper mold and the distance between the lower mold of the molding machine

2. How many stamping times are needed to ensure that the most suitable bending radius and the best open O-shaped steel pipe can be stamped. These problems are related to different steel plate materials, the mechanical properties of the specific steel plate material of the steel plate manufacturer, and the steel pipe model (diameter and wall thickness). Whenever the production changes to a new specification or a new steel plate material, a certain number of samples are taken for pressure test to find out the appropriate production and processing data.

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