Does the SSAW Steel Pipe Need to do Outer Layer Anti-corrosion?

Whether he SSAW steel pipe to do outer layer anti-corrosionis is determined by the environment. If the soil is acidic or alkaline, it needs to be anti-corrosion. If the SSAW steel pipe is used for pipeline transportation, it also needs to be anti-corrosion.

The common anti-corrosion processes of SSAW steel pipes include internal anti-corrosion and external anti-corrosion.

Buried or underwater steel oil, gas, water supply, heating pipelines, steel structures, docks, ships, sluices, gas storage tanks, oil refinery plant equipment, concrete pipes, sewage tanks, roof waterproofing, toilets, Industries such as basements should be treated with anti-corrosion when applying SSAW steel pipes.

When the SSAW steel pipe is used as an insulation pipe, it is not need to do anti-corrosion treatment, and the insulation pipe not need to do anti-corrosion,because it contains anti-corrosion treatment.